We are exactly 42 days from Good Friday. Today, is the best day to plan your holiday. Do not wait until last minute to book as that turns out to be a little more expensive and compromises the quality of your holiday. Here are a few suggestions of places of stay in various destination around Zimbabwe. If your desired destination isn't displayed here, kindly contact us by any of the platforms presented on site, and we will work with you, to find your best choice of accommodation and holiday experience. We will find it! Almost in your imagined specs.

2/16/20242 min read

My time in Kwekwe 2024

Kwekwe is redefining itself in terms of hospitality. There is a noticeable general investment in guest houses, apartments and what is contemporarily called BnBs in the Zimbabwean market. I have had an opportunity to stay in two of them this month of February 2024, Beverly Hills Apartments and Msasa Lodge. The two facilities are perfect for both business and recreational travelers. If you are in Kwekwe this coming Easter, you can book a lodge for your family, and have a home away from home. These apartments offer privacy, are fairly priced, while Msasa Lodge has enough space even for braais and huge kitchens that can double as bars. You can bring your own food and beverages.

Beverly Hills Apartments

Beverly Hills Apartments are located less than 5 km along Bulawayo road from Kwekwe CBD. Very clean rooms, fully air-airconditioned, very fast WIFI, secure, vehicle wash early in the morning, kettle and teas, standard and very comfortable queen beds, fresh and clean white linen, a mini fridge. The rooms we used 8 and 9 are not self catering. So, no kitchen, no extractor fans, and showers, though beautiful, need a little attention especially to ensure smooth supply of hot water and easy mixing and balancing in the showers.

The facility offers both bed only, and bed and breakfast for as little as USD50, if you book on time. Contact us for your Easter holiday bookings.

On the other hand, Msasa Lodges have this perfect self catering BnB feel. Very spacious rooms, big lounges and a fully functioning kitchen. Msasa Lodge is perfect for private small groups like families, friend couples, and even business travelers. The lounges have huge counters that are perfect for a bar set up. The rooms are fully airconditioned, an array of standard King, Queen and Double beds perfectly configured for all types of private group travelers. Fast WIFI and a satellite TV.

A mixture of tub and shower bathrooms. Generally, I do not like tubs in public facilities (my personal subjective feeling) so, if you love tubs Msasa Lodge's got you. The good thing is that, they have a fixed overhead shower hanging over the tub so, that was quite convenient for me.

Generally, there could be a challenge in the Kwekwe plumbing industry whereby the technicians there, are failing to install fancy bathrooms correctly. The hot-cold shower water mixing was also a challenge. In spite of this general water problem, (quite insignificant), the general stay was fabulous.

The facility offers both bed only, and bed and breakfast for as little as USD50, if you book on time. Contact us for your Easter holiday bookings. If you need assistance in planning your Easter Holiday trip, just email us on marketing@zimbackpacker.com.